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Phantom of the Opera
Phantom of the Opera

This dark and intriguing story unfolds in the opulent setting of the famous Opera de Paris, both on stage as well as the mysterious tunnels beneath. Accidents have been occuring at the opera house every since the ownership changed, leading to the star soloist refusing to perform. All eyes turn to a young dancer, Christine Daae, as she is encouraged to perform in her stead.

Christine performs to great success, even seeing her childhood best friend Raoul for the first time in many years. Yet, her fame was not without its secrets. Christine tells her best friend that she has been having music lessons with someone she’s never seen. She believes it’s a spirit from her dead father, sent back to guide her. But this spirit seems intent on more than just teaching, calling her to follow his voice the evening of her performance.

Her teacher is revealed to be a mysterious man with a mask covering half of his face. He shows her his secret lair in the tunnels and caves under the opera house. Mesmerised by his singing and curious about his identity, Christine tries to remove his mask and he flies into a rage. Frightened, Christine is returned to the opera house. She realizes now that her teacher is not a spirit, but the designer of the recent accidents and has been called “The Phantom of the Opera” by opera performers.

The Phantom is jealous of Christine’s friend Raoul as their relationship deepens, trying to keep them apart. He demands she is given lead roles at the opera with threatening letters sent to the owners. Christine feels torn, still wondering if the Phantom is a connection to her late father but feels a growing fear of his violence and control. Christine and Raoul become secretly engaged, and dream of escaping the opera house together.

Soon after, the phantom appears in person during a party at the opera house with an original opera he has written. He presents it to the owners and demands it be the next show, with Christine in the lead role.

During the performance of his opera, the Phantom murders the lead male role, replacing him on stage beside Christine. As they sing together, he moves closer and catches her into an embrace. Christine reaches out to his face as they sing and suddenly tears his mask off to reveal a hideously deformed face to the audience. They fall through a trap door the Phantom has engineered that leads to his lair. Raoul, sitting in the audience immediately sets off to rescue Christine after her sudden disappearance.

Enraged, the Phantom brings Christine to his room and questions her over her public betrayal. Ultimately, Raoul finds them but the Phantom has rigged the area with traps and Raoul is caught with a noose around his neck. Christine begs and pleads with the Phantom to spare his life. The Phantom offers her an ultimatum: either come with him or he will kill Raoul. Confused and frantic, Christine moves closer to the Phantom, looking into his eyes. Moved by what she sees, she kisses him softly. Her tenderness breaks through the Phantom’s rage and he drops the noose, freeing Raoul. Weeping, he lets them escape as an angry mob storms the underground lair, intent on catching the phantom.

“The Phantom of the Opera” is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat, questioning the divide between good and evil, villain and hero - all framed by a backdrop of hauntingly beautiful musical scores.

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